About Us : Asher Marks

Asher Marks in Devon

Asher Marks is a family-owned professional business set up by a former barrister and solicitor* Selena Aylett.

When she set up Asher Marks, she found that there was a real lack of help for people who want to arrange their finances to protect them and their family into the future. Many people will write your will. Some will endeavour to protect your money, but no one really explains why and how it works.


No hidden extra fees!

We find there is not enough help for people and they are too afraid to ask their solicitors because of the perceived high fees.

We don’t charge by the hour, so our client’s can ask us questions without being afraid or worried about the expense.

We make visits to your home (within Devon and Cornwall and other locations on request) and the first meeting is at our own cost.


* Selena Aylett no longer practices as a lawyer, therefore she, and Asher Marks are not regulated by the Law Society.

Specialist knowledge and experience

We are more focussed on this than most general practitioners who only offer wills, trusts and wealth protection occasionally as part of their legal or financial services. This is what we do every day, day in, day out.

We write wills for everyone, rich or not. We look after people who have only a home to protect and we can look after you if you have multiple properties and substantial wealth or properties abroad. We even write wills for Lawyers!


A woman in a man's world

Our team is lead by Selena Aylett, who breaks the stereotype of stuffy men who have little in common with their clients. Selena is approachable and understanding and also embraces new technologies and thinking more readily than some others in the field.


We talk in plain English

Unlike some professionals we don't blind you with technobabble. We use plain English and also use visual aids to help illustrate what can happen to you, your finances and capital in a range of scenarios.