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Probate Protection Trust makes all the difference to couple in second marriage

Not everyone has a happy experience in marriage or even with their children and sometimes you need to protect the ones you love and who you want to benefit from all your hard work in the future.

I have looked after a lovely couple who are a perfect example of this. Both have been married before. Mr B suffered an acrimonious divorce but then supported his two daughters who later became estranged from him. They wasted any money he gave to them and one spent it all on wine and spirits. Mr B found love again but sadly his second wife very suddenly passed away. He then met Mrs B much later in life. She had also lost her husband and also had two daughters who have children of their own and also her own house which they both now live in. They are the epitome of wonderful grandparents.

The couple are very proud of their home and Mrs B’s daughters and grand-children, who Mr B treats as his own.

Their key aim was to protect their home. They are worried about growing older and the possibility of high costs if they became ill. They also want to ensure that Mrs B’s family inherits and the money is not wasted on Mr B’s uncaring family. They have worked hard to get what money they have and they don’t want to see it frittered away. Probate costs were also a concern.

So, we arranged a Probate Protection Trust for them, putting Mrs M’s home into a trust for both of them to live in till they die, then to hand it to her children. We have also set up Lasting Powers of Attorney and Wills.

They can now rest easy that all their hard work and efforts will not be thrown away, they are protected for the rest of their lives and their loved ones will benefit after they pass on.


Couple in their 70s, West Devon