My Young Family and What That Means to Me

When I had my first child, I realised that I had not made any arrangements if something happened to me. I had thought it would just all be ok, but then I realised that no one else is responsible for my son, that no one else could take care of him or look after the money he needs.

So, I got my Will sorted out, I used it to appoint guardians, so I know who will look after him. I had recently bought a house and I put that in a trust for him and my money can now be used for his upbringing. I’ve even left a letter to explain how I want him brought up. I want the money to be used mainly for his education, in addition to any day to day needs. At least I know that when he gets the money, no one else will get it.

I hope that will keep him safe and allow him to maybe buy his own home one day. I want him to enjoy his future and make the most of it, especially if I am not around to help myself. I couldn’t forgive myself if I left him in a mess, especially if he has to grow up without a Mum. I want him to know that I cared enough to look after him, even if I can’t be there.


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