Protecting Your Money and Estate Planning in Devon

Basic Estate Planning

Is a way protecting a family home in the event of one partner dying and also can coincidentally help with future care home costs.


Tailored Estate Planning

This is the creation of wills, using trusts and other protection measures for clients with larger estates. It can help to protect family money from spouses who marry into the family, possible care home fees, probate costs, creditors etc.


Business Estate Planning

This is a specialist area incorporating tax saving measures and business estate planning. This will save money at the point when the business or it’s assets are inherited. Reducing tax burden for the first and next generations. Ideal for family businesses.


Are complex legal arrangements.  They can be used to protect assets, savings, income or investments etc. They are distributed as and when needed to beneficiaries. It enables us to remove assets from an estate, and provide some protection for them, whilst still allowing the beneficiary to enjoy them.

We have some really great ways of explaining how they work, and how they can help you and your family. Call us to find out more.


Family Trust Arrangements

Give money to your loved ones, but protect it from other people, like spouses (divorce), creditors, banks etc. For the current family and the next generations. To stop other people trying to benefit from your family estate.


Asset Protection Trusts

By putting your home or other assets into a trust during your lifetime, you can protect it from all sorts of risks. If you are worried about what will happen to the value of your home when you get older, or if family or in-laws are a concern, we can help.