Other Services : including Life Assurance Trusts, Inheritance Tax Information and Funeral Plans

Other services

We can offer a wide range of specialist services to our clients and these are a few which don't quite fit into one of the other main categories.

Life Assurance Trusts

Life assurance and some other policies should be assigned to a trust. This places the money outside of the estate and can reduce inheritance tax, by sending money to the beneficiaries.



Inheritance Tax Advice

This specialist area requires expert reports. We can arrange for these to look at your unique estate. They aim to reduce potential tax bills. (40% on the part of the estate that is over £325k, but it depends on every individual circumstance.)

Funeral Plans

Paying for a Funeral is increasingly more expensive. This is a pre-pay option intended to save money and ensure that the burden doesn’t fall on the family. Payment plans are available and there are a number of options to suit you.