Power of Attorney in Devon including in Plymouth and Torbay

Power of Attorney services in Devon

Power of Attorney is an important step in protecting the health, welfare, property and finances of someone who might no longer be able to manage it themselves.

We strongly recommend the use of professional service for powers of attorney instead of free or cheap services online as mistakes can easily be made making them invalid or unusable. We help you set them up in the way that you want, with specialist help to ensure your estate can be correctly managed in the future.

Lasting Powers of Attorney

Client gives another person, even spouse, the right to look after their Welfare and Finances. Each person needs two.

Advance Decisions

If you are terminally or seriously ill, this is the legal way to state your wishes for the type of treatments you do, or do not want, eg nutrition to extend life while in a vegetative state. Goes hand in glove with the LPA’s.


Business Lasting Powers of Attorney

Business owners of any kind need to set up someone to run their business financial affairs in case they lose capacity. Frequently, by accident, this is left in an LPA to the spouse who may not be appropriate. They may not be capable and my be in a position to override any remaining partners or shareholders.